Jason Silva - Host of National Geographic's Brain Games
"Letter to Humanity is an inspiring wake up call! A call to action! I was inspired reading the letter and think everyone should read it!"

Kevin Kelly - Chief editor Wired, Writer, Photographer
"We are at our childhood's end. The only way to grow up is to embrace our inner technology."

Rachel Armstrong - Professor Experimental Architecture NU
"What happens next - lies in the power of our imaginations to dream of new futures and realise them by inventing technologies that "increase" our humanity."

André Kuipers - Astronaut ESA
"The mission of mankind is both simple and complex: taking good care of our planet together. We have nowhere else to go."

Bas Haring - Philosopher, Professor Leiden University
"This letter to humanity has a different, optimistic and progressive tone of voice. The way it was and is, is not per se the way it should be."

Hadewich Minis - Actress
"I stand for human technology in addition to the human needs, all other species and the planet, as a starting point."

Tahmina Akefi - Writer
"The letter of Koert van Mensvoort to humanity is a beautiful, touching story about our planet and those who inhabit it."

Vamba Sherif - Writer, Journalist
"Humanity, you are at crossroads. You owe it to yourself to protect and care for this world, which is your habitat. The future has been entrusted to your care."

Pauline van Dongen - Fashion Technologist/Designer
"Koert’s letter to humanity is like a mirror; in its reflection we suddenly come to see our true technological selves."

Maarten Steinbuch - Professor Robotica TUE
"Koert van Mensvoort's letter expresses the potential power of this new era of human valued technological progress.”

Mohammed Benzakour - Writer, Publicist
"We should use technology to protect and improve the quality of life on our planet because there is only one Earth. Next Nature Network seems to be blessed with this understanding."


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